Real Reason Why Toyin Abraham Former Marriage Collapse – Celebrities – flamevibes

Real Reason Why Toyin Abraham Former Marriage Collapse – Celebrities – flamevibes.

Real reason why Toyin Abraham former marriage collapse;

Few years back,Nigerian actress Toyin Aimakhu (Abraham) has often been in the news for the entirely

wrong reasons. The whole country watched as Toyin Aimakhu marriage, to Adeniyi Johnson quickly fell apart.

What happened between them? Who was at fault?


Let’s find out what hppened between.

In 2012, Toyin Aimakhu met Adeniyi Johnson on set ofone of her movies. The romance sparked instantly

between them, and the two started dating. A year later,Adeniyi Johnson became Toyin Aimakhu husband.



They had their wedding in July 2013, and everything looked perfect.Not long after, the marriage began to show some cracks.At the wake of 2015, Toyin accused Adeniyi of cheating and temporarily left him.


By then, they had only been married for a year and a half. The break-up did not last long, though, as a few months later, she was back, claiming that everything was back to normal.

To prove that things were much better between them.Toyin took to her Instagram to profess her undying love for her husband, no matter what. She even posted some

photos of them together being all lovey-dovey as to prove that things were fine between them.

But things were definitely not fine, as the two separated once more.Adeniyi made attempts to bring his estranged wife back. He even admitted to cheating on his social media, but Toyin was not having it.

So why did it all fall apart?

Well, the main reason is, of course, the cheating. People rarely forgive their partners for cheating on them, and Toyin is no different.


The hurt was too much to bear for her, so she decided to call it quits on her former marriage.But there are two sides to a story.Adeniyi johnson and new wife talk about this issue last week on instagram live.

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