Burnaboy make mention of who his superior is in the music industry – grammy winner

Burnaboy make mention of who his superior is in the music industry – grammy winner.

Burna Boy, a well-known musician from Nigeria, Damini Ogulu, has provided a succinct explanation for why he is “hated” in the music industry.


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The self-proclaimed African Giant says his “inferiors” despise him because he has no “superiors,” and he recently said that Afrobeats is meaningless.




Burna Boy shared a photo of himself on Twitter and wrote, “Hated by my inferiors for having no superiors”.Also, in ‘Thank You’, a track off his latest album, ‘I Told Them’ Burna Boy insinuated that Nigerians don’t appreciate him enough despite making the country proud “every chance I get.”Read some social media comments/




@Ese: “Oga nobody is beefing with you, do your music and enjoy life. Every time hate, hate, hate. You for using Big 8 instead of Big 7.”




@Teetalk: @Burna nobody h@tes you, you are always battling imaginary enem!es, from “I told them” to “battling supremacy” Just do your thing and bounce”.




@Kotosia: “I don’t think anybody who enjoys real good music hates Burna, the jealousy mostly comes from people who enjoys noise as music and bloggers who want traffic”.




@AfronetNG: “It sounds like you might be experiencing resentment from others. Building positive relationships and fostering collaboration could help improve the situation.”


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@Rockstar: “You get 360 deal but you no get superior? Okay”.


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